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Interdisciplinary Programs - 사범대학
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대학원 협동과정

The Interdisciplinary Program fulfills the constant demand for research and programs which cannot be done in a single department. By providing inter-department studies, students explore and learn with multiple professors and maximize their full potential and achievement.

Special education
위치 10-1동 415호
전화 -

Established in 1999, the Department of Special Education at Seoul National University introduced its first master’s program in 2000 and doctoral program in 2001. At present,  Special Education Department offers academic programs in and closely collaborates for its master’s and doctoral programs with the Department of Education at the College of Education, the Department of Social Work at the College of Social Sciences, and the Department of Psychology at the College of Social Sciences of Seoul National University. The main objective of the Department is to educate and cultivate the future leaders in the field of Special Education, inclusive of educational and professional development for the Special Education faculties domestic and abroad, in order to enrich the true spectrum of the field of Special Education at both national and global level for its advancement.

Environmental Education
위치 9동 223호
전화 02-880-8938

This program is designed to promote professionals in environmental education at the master’s and doctoral level. Experts from various disciplines such as geography, environment planning, ecology, physics and earth science play both roles as distinguished specialists and as adjunct professors in this program. Since the very first freshmen accepted in 1999, graduate students in this program have continued to spare no effort to build qualifications required to be environmental educators by raising their capacities based on academic training and research. Master’s and doctoral degree recipients are produced constantly at the present time.

Global Education Cooperation (GEC)
위치 10-1동 606-1호
전화 02-880-7652

Global Education Cooperation is an interdisciplinary graduate program which aims to foster researchers in education and international development cooperation. Its curriculum incorporates classes in various theories from different disciplines with internships as well as research opportunities that equip students with practical skills. GEC courses help students develop critical thinking skills as class discussions cover a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to, ODA in education, SDGs #4, inequality in education, and social mobility through access to education.
GEC takes great pride in its people. GEC students, who are of different nationalities, come from a diverse academic backgrounds. GEC faculty members hold degrees from world-renowned universities and are admired in their own field of academia. GEC alumni work in places such as UN agencies, international NGOs and CSOs, government agencies, public/private schools, and tertiary institutions.

Music Education Major
위치 10-1동 603-1호
전화 02-880-9052

The Music Education Program at Seoul National University is committed to preparing musicians
ready to be competent music educators in the fast-changing society. The department is dedicated to providing future music educators with the necessary knowledge, experiences and insights for successful teaching and learning. Students conduct research through the Music Education program and work side by side with diverse musicians and renowned professors. Graduates of the department often go straight to the field and teach in diverse settings or take a further step onto higher level institution seeking highly advanced education and research.

Fine Arts Education
위치 10-1동 603-1호
전화 02-880-9052

Our programs promote understanding of the arts and visual culture for all students through a curriculum that is research-based, interdisciplinary, and intent on collaboration with communities both within and outside the University, nation, and world. This content is explored through the following: pedagogical theory and practices; critical inquiry of historical and contemporary artworks; the analysis of public and educational policy in the arts and cultures; assessment of art education; awareness of comparative international practice; and inquiry in the philosophical, historical, and policy foundations of art education and cultural policy.

Home Economics Education
위치 10-1동 603-1호
전화 02-880-9052

가정교육학은 개인과 가족을 변화의 주체로 보는 개념적 체계에 기초하여 실업교과가 아닌 실천비판교과로서의 제 역할을 다할 수 있도록 가정학의 내용학 지식과 교과 교육학 지식, 그리고 연구 방법적 지식을 습득할 수 있는 교육과정을 진행하고 있다. 본 교과의 전공자는 가정교과교육학의 발전을 도모하고, 사회 구성의 기초 단위인 가정의 역할에 기반한 가정학의 내용을 학교교육에서 구현하도록 가정학과 교육학의 학제적인 연구를 통하여 가정교과교육을 탐구하는 것을 목표로 한다. 졸업생들은 교직에 진출하여 교육현장에서 교육실천가로 활동하기도 하고, 교과교육전문가로 활동할 수 있으며, 대학에서의 계속적인 교과교육 연구자로서의 진로도 가능하다.

Early Childhood Education
위치 10-1동 603-1호
전화 02-880-9052

The interdisciplinary early childhood education program was founded in 2005 in order to figure out the current issues of early childhood education in South Korea via the acquisition of professional knowledge of theory and practice and of development of research capabilities and to train professional researchers who will contribute to the improvement in the quality and practice of early childhood education. The program has offered the curriculum that links the theoretical research to the field. In particular, professional early childhood researchers in this program have been observing preschools and kindergartens in the world.
In order to follow the contemporary issues of early childhood education, our program has been periodically holding interdisciplinary seminars and symposiums with professionals in many diverse fields. Researchers in this program have been holding conferences in South Korea and attending international conferences in the world. In addition, our program seeks interdisciplinary research via discussions with diverse faculty members in our program. Based on interdisciplinary research, our researchers have been willing to conduct research to achieve the development of early childhood education in South Korea.