The interdisciplinary early childhood education program was founded in 2005 in order to figure out the current issues of early childhood education in South Korea via the acquisition of professional knowledge of theory and practice and of development of research capabilities and to train professional researchers who will contribute to the improvement in the quality and practice of early childhood education. The program has offered the curriculum that links the theoretical research to the field. In particular, professional early childhood researchers in this program have been observing preschools and kindergartens in the world.
In order to follow the contemporary issues of early childhood education, our program has been periodically holding interdisciplinary seminars and symposiums with professionals in many diverse fields. Researchers in this program have been holding conferences in South Korea and attending international conferences in the world. In addition, our program seeks interdisciplinary research via discussions with diverse faculty members in our program. Based on interdisciplinary research, our researchers have been willing to conduct research to achieve the development of early childhood education in South Korea.