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German Language Education - 사범대학
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Department Offices & Faculty

German Language Education
위치 Building #11, Room #221
전화 02-880-7681

The primary educational goal of the Department of German Language Education is to prepare and cultivate students to become competent German Language teachers for secondary schools.

The curricula support students to gain the basic communicative language skills in German required of qualified German language teachers. The curricula include subjects such as German as a Foreign Language (Deutsch als Fremdsprache), subject-centered curricula and teaching practice programmes.

The programme of the Department is focused on cultivating the students with the knowledge, experience, personality and disposition. To guide pre-service teachers to foster their broad understanding of humanities and liberal culture as well as knowledge of Germanic regional study, the Department exerts efforts to offer many courses for German literature, German linguistics, German regional Studies, teaching methods and other related studies. Furthermore, various scholarships and stipends are available from the university and European and German joint mobility programmes on a competitive basis. Many graduates have advanced to various related fields such as education, cultural studies, arts & humanities, journalism, media, government administration and financial sectors.