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Physics Education - 사범대학
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Department Offices & Faculty

Physics Education
위치 Building #13, Room #422
전화 02-880-7748

The Department of Physics Education offers fundamental knowledge of physics and physics education required as a secondary school teacher so that the graduates could go out into various fields including secondary school.

 Moreover, in the graduate course, it is able to major in some more professional domains such as physics education, theoretical physics, experimental physics, etc. After receiving a doctorate, you could not only work as a science educational experts for the government or as an industrial researcher but also become a professor associated with science education or physics. The faculty of our department is doing remarkable research in the physics and physics education fields and also participating actively in internet schools, Physics Olympiads and training secondary school teachers. Lastly, the individuals can easily have very close relationships with their faculty advisers thanks to the relatively small size.