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French Language Education - 사범대학
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Department Offices & Faculty

French Language Education
위치 Building #11, Room #211
전화 02-880-7690

The educational objectives of the Department of French Language Education at Seoul National University

are to foster French regular teachers responsible for the secondary education and cultivate specialists in French language and education. To reach these aims, the Department provides a wide array of curricula to improve students’ communicative competence in French and to deepen their understanding and awareness of French culture.
Therefore via the completion of the Department, students may become a French teacher as well as a researcher on lifelong education or related educational field at national institutes including university or board of educational evaluation after researching advanced theories and their applications in the area of teaching method at the graduate school. Also, based on unusual knowledge and experience of French language, education, and its culture, students may advance toward a wide variety of professions.