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Earth Science Education - 사범대학
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Department Offices & Faculty

Earth Science Education
위치 Building #13, Room #404
전화 02-880-7777

The academic purpose of our department is to produce highly qualified educators,

 who have a profound understanding in the areas of earth sciences and to train experts specialized in earth sciences and the earth science education. The undergraduate curriculum consists of fundamental courses on natural sciences such as math, physics, and chemistry, and all subjects of earth sciences including geology, meteorology, oceanography, astronomy and geophysics and earth science education. In the graduate program, the department offers higher degrees majoring in geology, oceanography/meteorology, astronomy, geophysics and science education.


Students must finish curriculum including all subjects of earth sciences and science education to earn a bachelor degree, and they can have broad knowledges in humanity and social sciences as well as all subject of earth sciences. These integrative course works are essential for new leaders in a new era driven by 4th industrial revolution. The graduates of the department of earth science education pursue a career in teaching, as middle or high school teachers or university professors, or continue to practice their research at national research centers