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Geography Education - 사범대학
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Department Offices & Faculty

Geography Education
위치 Building #10, Room #209
전화 02-880-7717, 7718

The department of geography education fosters competitive geography teachers and geographers.

The curriculum centers on fundamental studies of geography and geography education, offering various courses related to physical and socio-environmental geography, regional studies, and geography education. Our curriculum also includes GIS, remote sensing, and cartography for geographical methodologies and data analysis. The department organizes regular field trips as well to provide students with effective on-site education. Therefore, diverse job choices are given for alumni. The majorities are teachers, professors, and researchers. The employment in environmental education and GIS-related industry, environmental journalists, airlines, and travel agencies are promising. The interests in the environment and region are required to better perform. Especially, students with interests in environmental change, travel and tourism culture, place-marketing, environmental education, and map development and utilization have potential for their career.